A Smiles for Miles Story

One aspect of dentistry that truly sets Heartland Dental apart from other dental support organizations is our commitment to community involvement. Our supported offices continue to exceed world-class company standards by actively sponsoring, promoting and building positive relationships with their local communities.

For the doctors and team members of MyCharlestonDentist.com, annual Free Dentistry Days have become a staple of their community involvement. This team of Free Dentistry Day veterans understands both the importance and opportunity of a positive relationship with the local residents in Charleston, IL. Led by Jameson Baumgarten, DMD, and Se Jin Oh, DMD, MyCharlestonDentist.com has been successfully providing the citizens of their community with the oral health care they need and deserve through Free Dentistry Days for the past several years.

“Some of the biggest takeaways we get from hosting Free Dentistry Days are, obviously, we get to help our community,” said Dr. Baumgarten. “But it also allows for team-building. Our team is here on their own time, we are not paying them for this. It is a free service they are donating to our community.”

MyCharlestonDentist.com recently held an Adult Free Dentistry Day for the Charleston community on Friday, October 7, 2016. Doctors and team members provided each patient with a choice of one free cleaning, filling or extraction. The night before, one patient slept outside of MyCharlestonDentist.com’s front door, securing his spot in line for the free extraction of a tooth causing him immense pain. Other patients began to arrive at the office as early as six-o-clock that morning.

“We do this every year, and it’s a chance for us to give back to the community we serve,” said Dr. Baumgarten. “We provide free dental care to people who may not be able to otherwise receive it.”

Based on the advocacy for inexpensive, safe patient care, MyCharlestonDentist.com’s semiannual Free Dentistry Days are oftentimes the only opportunity for local residents to afford any kind of dental services in the Charleston area. 

“Every team member looks forward to doing this every year,” said Julie McCray, Registered Dental Hygienist. “I’m not sure who gets more out of this, whether it’s us as individual team members, or if it’s the people who receive treatment.” 

MyCharlestonDentist.com continues to host Free Dentistry Days every year, not only to help their community, but also to improve their internal relationships between team members and promote their business to potential new patients through local news media outlets.

In 2016 alone, MyCharlestonDentist.com has treated 119 patients free-of-charge, donating over $36,564 worth of dentistry to the Charleston community.

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