My Selfie Smile

My Selfie Smile

Since its inception, Heartland Dental supported offices have seen much success with the My Free Smile initiative. In 2015, approximately 20 supported offices were able to offer a deserving member of their communities a free smile makeover. With the recent addition of supported specialty offices, My Selfie Smile was created as a spinoff to My Free Smile. This new program will allow supported doctors, who focus on specialized care, the opportunity to change the smile and lifestyle of a deserving teenager.

The teenage years are often full of challenges and being insecure about one’s smile shouldn’t have to be an added burden. The rise of social media platforms has led to an increase in photo sharing and the popularity of taking “selfies.” Teens are willingly sharing images of themselves with friends and family and while some are eager to flash an exuberant smile, others are insecure. More often than not, the financial burden of extensive treatment is what hinders teenagers from being able to receive specialized care. Many families are not able to afford the necessary treatment their teen needs to achieve a healthy smile. My Selfie Smile will aid in giving teenagers across the country the radiant smile they deserve.

Before applications even open, supported offices will work with their Home Office marketing representatives to plan the details of the initiative. The marketing team will assist behind-the-scenes by creating flyers, donation request letters, press releases, event invitations and social media posts. The office marketing representative will be the go-to guide throughout the process. The supported doctors only have one main role – to provide one lucky teenager with a new smile.

Each office will choose a three week timeframe to accept applications. When applications open, teenagers from ages 13 through 18 can start applying to My Selfie Smile. Applications will be accessible online via With a parent or guardian’s consent, teens will have the opportunity to share photos of their teeth and explain why they are seeking treatment. After applications close, the office will choose a winner from the list of applicants. The winner will receive the necessary treatment he or she needs, along with additional gifts and surprises to complete the My Selfie Smile experience. These extra incentives are often donated by local business sponsors.

Kicking off in the near future, this exclusive initiative will give Heartland Dental supported dentists the opportunity to share their talent with the community and provide free treatment to a teenager in need. With My Selfie Smile, supported dentists will now be able to offer teens the one-of-a-kind opportunity they deserve to receive a picture-perfect smile.

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