A Five-Year Impact

Patrick Bauer

Patrick C. Bauer
President and Chief Executive Officer at Heartland Dental

Where do you see yourself in five years? Although this question has become best known as a job interview cliché, it is still an important question to consider. A lot can change in five years. Just think about all that has changed in your life during this timeframe. Chances are, you have experienced both success and failure. I bet you have grown from that experience as well. 

Heartland Dental has been no different. Over the past five years, we have experienced success, setbacks and everything in between. We have used each as an opportunity to advance, more than doubling the number of dental offices we support in this timeframe. Our company has accomplished a great deal, but it has only been a start to completing our vision.

Which brings us to the next five years. Our 2016 goals will help us carry on our mission, especially one in particular. We recently introduced the Doctor Mastery Program (DMP). Our mission is to support doctors in becoming THE definitive dental leaders in their marketplaces – so they can provide the highest quality care. This program is designed to do just that. Using a transformative approach, it will help supported doctors advance their clinical skills, office leadership, office production, personal and professional goal setting, and much more. The Doctor Mastery Program is a big step in addressing the actual needs of the industry. It also signifies Heartland Dental’s growth as a respected leader.

Much more can be read about the Doctor Mastery Program in this issue’s cover story. I will save the full elaboration of the program for that, but let me say, it exemplifies the purpose of all our 2016 company goals. Each of them will help us advance to where we want to be five years from now – becoming the leader in dentistry. In helping supported doctors become true leaders in their marketplaces, the Doctor Mastery Program is an essential part of that vision.

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