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Samson Liu, DDS, MAGD, MBA

Samson Liu, DDS, MAGD, MBA

Esthetics is an important aspect to dentistry and dental education. Straight, white teeth are the sign of a healthy smile, and your patients desire an esthetically pleasing smile just as much as you desire to help them achieve it. With the continuing advances in dentistry and dental technology, there are now an abundance of options that make it easy to perform cosmetic dental procedures.

Dental esthetics can be achieved through a variety of procedures, ranging from simple teeth whitening to complex smile makeovers involving dental implants. Some patients’ dental esthetics may improve with just one simple procedure, while other patients require a range of treatments to achieve a healthier, more esthetically pleasing smile. The more of these procedures you have in your wheelhouse, the more patients you will be able to help by transforming their smiles. That’s why it’s important to become skilled in a wide range of cosmetic dental techniques.

While many dentists do not graduate with extensive cosmetic dentistry skills, they can easily become proficient in new procedures and techniques through practice, mentorship and continuing education. Heartland Dental supported dentists have a unique opportunity to build these skills early and quickly. Not only is there access to a huge network of seasoned and experienced supported dentists and dental specialists, but there is also access to some of the most renowned continuing education opportunities in the nation.

To help supported dentists build and improve upon their esthetic dentistry skills, Heartland Dental created the Aesthetic Continuum. This continuing educational course began in 2004 and has become the premier educational initiative in helping supported dentists advance their skills in cosmetic dentistry. With the massive amount of growth Heartland Dental has experienced in the past several years, the Continuum has recently been revamped to offer supported dentists a more personalized way to gain experience in performing esthetic dental procedures.

Originally, the Continuum was held as one large course that included participants who worked together in one location with a group of nationally recognized speakers and instructors. Supported dentists still receive the same high quality hands-on training with an exceptional group of leaders. Except now, the hands-on training takes place at smaller, regional courses. The regional set-up gives participating supported dentists the ability to receive more personalized, one-on-one training with an experienced mentor dentist. In doing so, participants are able to build a relationship with a mentor in their area, thus giving them the ability to continue learning and gaining knowledge in cosmetic dental care.

By giving such outstanding access to some of the best and brightest in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Heartland Dental allows supported dentists the ability to hone their skills in dental esthetics. This gives supported doctors and teams the ability to see more patients in need of complex cosmetic dental care, and to help those in their community achieve the beautiful, healthy smiles they need and deserve.

The Aesthetic Continuum will be held again in 2016, giving even more supported dentists the opportunity to participate in Heartland Dental’s most prominent supported clinical course. This extensive, hands-on clinical course is the perfect opportunity for dentists to start delivering cosmetic cases early in their careers with precision and expertise. With the support provided through the mentor/mentee relationships, supported dentists gain the confidence they need to educate their patients on the importance of esthetics and successfully carry out dozens of complex cosmetic dental procedures.

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