The 2016 ADSO Summit

Rick Workman

From April 21st-22nd in Las Vegas, the 2016 Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) Summit will bring together ADSO executives and ADSO supported doctors from around the nation. The Summit will discuss trends in law and advocacy, the latest developments from leading industry partners, as well as insight on the direction of the industry.

Most importantly, this event will once again focus on the ADSO’s original and inherent environment for collaboration and learning, on which the ADSO was founded:

  • To share best practices to help individual supported offices thrive.
  • To help member groups learn, grow and manage their businesses.
  • To protect their companies, their supported dentists and offices, and our industry.

The Summit will give participating dental support organizations the opportunity to discuss the core concepts and goals of the ADSO. Supporting over 8,000 dentists domestically and internationally, it is the ADSO’s mission to enthusiastically represent to the dental community the powerful advantages that dental support organizations offer dental professionals for improving the quality of dental care for patients and the quality of their own lives.

We know that the vast majority of dentists would prefer to focus on patient care and spend their free time with their families. The ADSO is their voice to ensure that option continues to be a reality. Even though dentistry has been one of the last industries to transform the way it is evolving in the marketplace relative to medicine, pharmacy and vision care, we are confident that in the future, dental support organizations will be widely valued for the positive impact they are making.

The Summit will serve as another excellent opportunity for members to collaborate, as well as establish the organization’s goals for 2016.

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