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Since graduating from the Marquette University School of Dentistry in 1994, Dr. Brian Childs has experienced continued success in dentistry. After completing a general practice residency at the Miami VA, he started his own office in February of 1996 alongside his wife.

“From the beginning, we’ve seen a lot of success. I was fortunate to save enough to retire by the time I turned 45 in 2013,” said Dr. Childs. “I was considering that at the time and looking into what options I had. The problem was, I couldn’t find a doctor who shared the same values I had – which I felt was important for my patients and team. I also struggled to find someone who had the financial ability to buy into the office, which would allow me to eventually retire.”

“There are many reasons I decided to become a Heartland Dental supported doctor, but first and foremost, it was the quality of doctors who had also decided to take that route.”

Dr. Brian Childs, DDS

Brian Childs, DDS, practicing dentist at Gulf Shore Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Naples, Florida

Dr. Childs continued weighing those options for a few more years, unitl he came across another option – Heartland Dental. After seeing other respected, prominent doctors in the industry become part of the company’s supported network, he ultimately decided that was the best choice for him as well.

“There are many reasons I decided to become a Heartland Dental supported doctor, but first and foremost, it was the quality of doctors who had also decided to take that route. Goldstein, Garber & Salama was the first supported office that made me take notice of Heartland Dental. I have been a big admirer of their work and the contributions they’ve made to dentistry for my entire career, so when they, became part of Heartland Dental’s network, I definitely took notice. Then once discovering that other remarkable doctors, such as Dr. Marvin Berlin, Dr. Craig Goldin, Dr. Bruce Baird, Dr. John Cranham and more had all joined as well, I knew I was in good company,” explained Dr. Childs. “I became supported by Heartland Dental in 2016 and the transition was very smooth, looking back at it. The majority of my team has been with me for over 20 years, so understandably, they were a little nervous. But I kept them I the loop every step of the way, and ensured they were comfortable.”

Joining Heartland Dental’s network, Dr. Child’s changed the name of his office to Gulf Shore Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. And other than switching his office software from Eaglesoft to Dentrix, he says nothing has really changed with they way his office operates. He has experienced further success since joining, growing his office over 20 percent in his first year of being supported by Heartland Dental.

“I assured my team that nothing would change unless, we as a team, decided we wanted something to change. To Heartland Dental’s credit, nothing has changed in regards to how we treatment plan, the labs and materials we use, or anything else related to the our patient care. I am still the leader of my office and make all the decisions. For myself, that’s one of the many things that separates Heartland Dental from other DSOs,” said Dr. Childs. “For instance, we are still 100 percent fee for service and do little to no marketing. Also, I still do the same mission trips to Haiti and provide other pro bono dentistry here in the States. Heartland Dental not only supports this, but is passionate about it as well. Collectively, giving back to our communities is very important for all supported offices and the company as a whole. I absolutely love the culture that Heartland Dental is cultivating.”

In addition to enjoying the culture he is now a part of, Dr. Childs is still enjoying a work/life balance, advancing himself through continuing education and taking the opportunity to pass on what he has learned to others.

“Having that work/life balance has always been important, and I’ve certainly been able to continue that post affiliation. Not worrying about payroll, HR, marketing, etc., I’m much less stressed. I have all the support I need and want from Heartland Dental, and can now focus on my patients,” said Dr. Childs. “I am a firm believer in continuing education. I absolutely think it’s mandatory for young doctors take as much CE as possible early on, so they can hit the ground running. I love teaching and giving back to others, which includes mentoring younger doctors – a passion that Heartland Dental shares. With the Doctor Mastery Program and other initiatives, they offer a wide variety of avenues for doctors to advance themselves personally and professionally.”

“If you’re a doctor nearing retirement, I think you should seriously consider becoming part of Heartland Dental’s network. You will still remain in control for as long as you want and be surrounded by quality doctors that are more than willing to help in any way they can. It’s truly a win-win for everyone involved and one of the best business decisions I ever made,” added Dr. Childs.

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