An Educational Re-engineering

A major focus in 2017 for Heartland Dental was re-engineering its educational processes, specifically with team member training and convenience of accessing educational opportunities. Today, people want convenience. They don’t want to constantly be traveling and be away from their families. They want educational opportunities accessible at their fingertips, whenever they want. That is what Heartland Dental has aimed to accomplish with their learning management system, Homeroom. This is where supported doctors and team members can access CE opportunities, register for those of their choosing and complete courses at their own pace.

“We’ve only scratched the surface with our educational re-engineering,” added Bauer. “As we move forward, there are many ways we can expand on our processes even further. As the industry moves forward, the educational needs of dentists will continue to change. We are primed to meet those needs.”

Patrick Bauer
President and Chief Executive Officer at Heartland Dental

For any business or company (including dental offices) to find ongoing success in today’s world, continuing education is not an option, it’s a necessity. Modern technologies in communication such as cloud, mobile and video, along with a widespread availability of faster and cheaper internet, have led to revolutionary changes in the way information and knowledge can be provided. Organizations need to adapt to these trends and start rethinking how team members are educated.

Adapting means that training and education need to be continuous, easily accessible and delivered in real-time. While accumulated education was the norm yesterday, smaller, variable training (accessible on any device, anywhere, and made part of a team member’s daily routine) is crucial in today’s hyper-paced environment.

“Heartland Dental’s ongoing growth doesn’t simply mean supporting the opening of new dental offices or affiliating with existing dental offices, it means identifying new ways to better communicate with supported dentists and team members, as well as offering the resources needed for them to be the best they can be each day,” said Patrick Bauer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Heartland Dental. “Homeroom is another great example of why we have become the largest dental support organization in the country. We take the necessary steps, in this case committing to innovative technology, for the benefit of supported dentists and team members.”

This is very important for supported team members. Within their first week, team members can now utilize Homeroom for their CE and training processes, without having to travel or leave the office. There, they can access all the information they need in order to build their technical, communication and leadership skills, and become the ideal team members doctors need them to be. In 2017, Heartland Dental’s education team has created more training to offer and the development of a CE roadmap for supported team members.

Heartland Dental will continue moving its re-engineering forward in 2018. Additional phases will be explored – creating higher visibility and higher communication. An additional goal for 2018 is to increase Homeroom content for doctors, as well as partner with vendors to offer additional CE.

Another big educational goal for 2018 is the further development of the Team Mastery Program. Like the Doctor Mastery Program with doctors, the TMP is focused on helping team members learn, advance and grow themselves throughout their career here, starting on day one. There are four pillars the TMP is built upon – Recruiting, Education, Accountability and Development. This training process is a journey for team members. An extended learning approach, not a one-time training. They will continue on this learning pathway throughout their career, as part of a constant-and-never-ending-improvement loop.

What are your continuing education goals? Click below to learn more about Heartland Dental’s commitment to supporting CE.

Continuing Education

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