The Next Generation of Heartland Dental

After graduating from Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine in 1980, Rick Workman, a farm boy from Ingraham, IL, opened his first dental office in Effingham, IL. Back then, dentistry was seemingly different than it is now. After all, Dr. Workman’s initial marketing tactic was a $15 hand-painted sign in the front yard. However, the basic foundation of dentistry was the same – taking care of patients and helping people achieve optimal dental health.

Fast forward 20 plus years, something else remains the same as it was “back in the day” – members of Dr. Workman’s original team. Four members standout for a unique reason. Founding partner and supported doctor, Dr. William Bloink, Dr. Workman's dental hygienist, Julie Thomas, his dental assistant, Debbie Steppe and Lisa Kallis, who would join later as a dental hygienist. As Dr. Workman continued to expand from his original practice, into what is now Heartland Dental, his team stood alongside him, supporting him throughout his journey. 

Today, Heartland Dental has over 10,000 team members, and the four mentioned above are still a part of that number – they’re as loyal and dedicated as they were on day one too. But similar to how Dr. Workman’s original practice has evolved, so have those four team members. Not only have their roles and job titles changed, they’ve started a legacy of sorts at Heartland Dental.

How? Members of their families have taken on roles with the company. Among them you’ll find four supported dentists, two field administrators, and two Home Office employees. Each family has their own story to tell about being part of our Heartland Dental family.

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