Meet Mark Greenstein

Mark Greenstein

Mark Greenstein
Vice President of Strategy and Development at Heartland Dental

Mark Greenstein is a native “New Yawker” with an energetic personality. On any given day, you can find him walking the halls of Heartland Dental making conversation with everyone he encounters. In his role as Executive Vice President of Strategy and Development, Mark leads Heartland Dental’s footprint growth, payor relations and cross-functional strategies, as well as helping supported doctors receive the best products at the best prices. With a long career in management consulting and operations at McKinsey & Company, Mark is no stranger to developing strategies that add value to a company. And he likes Bruce Springsteen, which is a win for all of us.

How many cups of coffee do you have per day? I can’t count that high. I would get it via IV drip if I could.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? All I wanted to be when I was growing up was an engineer. I wanted to live and breathe technology from the time I was seven or eight. I did it for a period of time, and then I realized I really love business.

Do you have a nickname? My nickname is Binky. About 30-40 years ago, somebody called me Binky and it just stuck. My wife’s childhood nickname is Binky too. Imagine the date we were on when that fact came up.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Ice cream all day, every day. A pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia is my favorite.

Do you own any animals? Yes. We have, Riley, a beagle mix. Ollie, a yellow lab, and five goldfish that despite my best attempts continue to live and thrive.

Name one thing you couldn’t live without. My family.

Tell us the best leadership advice you’ve ever been given. 1. Never come into a room with a problem without your best guess at what the solution could be. 2. Surprises are for birthdays. 3. Generally speaking, today is a better answer than tomorrow for getting things done.

What is the biggest challenge facing Heartland Dental? The biggest challenge is scalability – The ability to match the growth that’s in front of us.

What’s one characteristic every member on your team should have? Transparency.

Do you have a mentor? I have many. The notion of mentorship and the broader notion of maintaining a network of people you can turn to is so important for anybody starting out in their career. It’s the most valuable asset and it goes with you everywhere. I credit whatever success I’ve had to mentors all the way since I had my first job.

Who inspired you growing up? Bruce Springsteen. I ran away to Philly on a train when I was young to see his concert.

What are some options for students after dental school? If you’re really passionate about dentistry and delivering great dentistry to your patients, here at Heartland Dental you’re going to be able to do that better and faster than any other option, and you’re going to pay off your debt faster. So, I don’t see any other option besides Heartland Dental.

In your opinion, what are some advantages for Heartland Dental supported doctors? We have a team of several hundred people, for example at Home Office, that are constantly thinking about how to help our supported doctors stay a step ahead. They know we’ve got their backs, so that all they have to do is serve patients and deliver great dentistry.

What is your greatest success and failure? What did you learn from each? Greatest success is my family. It’s not what I learned, it’s what I continue to learn especially as I watch my children grow. I’m learning from them every single day. I fail a lot – Life is about taking chances, and you’re not going to win them all. I learn from every one of them though. I think the idea is I’m never going to have success or continued success without having a bunch of failures in the process. For me, it’s when I’m not failing that I’m not moving forward.

What makes you proud to work at Heartland Dental? I’m proud to work here because of the commitment to quality and service for their supported doctors and teams. It’s something that is very sustaining and will help us grow for many years to come. I think the most proud moment I’ve had here at Heartland Dental is when we finalized the Invisalign relationship with Align Technology because orthodontic health is so important. It became a catalyst for supported doctors to start providing even more advanced health to their patients.

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