Following in Their Footsteps

Dr. Dustin Wylde & Dr. Tyler Wylde

As a young boy, Dr. Dustin Wylde knew he wanted to grow up and be a dentist. He recalls the confidence he felt after getting his braces off, and realized the excitement dental professionals must feel every day when they change people’s lives through teeth. In 2015, Dr. Wylde’s childhood dreams came true when he graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry.

His father’s college roommate, Dr. Asle Klemma, a Heartland Dental supported doctor, practicing at Advanced Dentistry in Schaumburg, IL, told Dr. Wylde about the benefits of being supported by a dental support organization. Trusting Dr. Klemma’s advice, Dr. Wylde sought support from Heartland Dental.

“Initially, I knew nothing about Heartland Dental. Dr. Klemma is a long-time family friend, and I trusted his suggestion. He was really the influencing factor that convinced me to research the company and ultimately join. I’m having a wonderful time,” said Dr. Wylde.

Following in Dr. Klemma’s footsteps, Dr. Wylde joined the Heartland Dental family and got the opportunity to work side-by-side with Dr. Klemma in his supported office, something he had always hoped to do. He considers Dr. Klemma a mentor and has learned a lot from him in a short amount of time.

“In the first month or two, I learned more real-life dentistry than I could have in my whole time in dental school. Having him as a teacher has been invaluable to me.”

In the short amount of time Dr. Wylde has been supported by Heartland Dental, he’s seen a lot of success. This past year, he was awarded the honor of attending Heartland Dental’s President Club and is a member of the Doctor Mastery Program, which is a ground breaking initiative that will support Dr. Wylde on his quest to achieve the requirements for his Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Wylde even splits his time between two supported dental offices – Dr. Klemma’s supported office and an additional supported office in Huntley, IL. Dental Care of Huntley is a brand-new supported office, so Dr. Wylde has enjoyed making it his own. (They still think of him as the new guy at Advanced Dentistry!) At Dental Care of Huntley, he also has the advantage of working near the town he grew up in.

“I’ve seen lots of friends and family already,” Dr. Wylde laughed. “As a dentist, it’s important that you build connections with your patients, and because I do know someone who knows someone who knows someone else, those connections happen instantaneously. It’s definitely nice to be home.”

Although he’s the first person in his family to become a dentist, Dr. Wylde certainly won’t be the last. This summer, his brother will graduate from dental school and follow in his footsteps – joining the Heartland Dental family and working alongside Dustin at Dental Care of Huntley. The brothers are close friends. As kids, Dustin says his brother, Tyler, often followed in his footsteps. This might be the biggest one yet. The two officially started working together this June, and Dr. Tyler Wylde says it’s helped make the transition from dental school to dental office much easier. As brothers, their relationship might be a bit more unique than your traditional dental team.

“There is so much opportunity with the company if you’re willing to go get it. I’m forever grateful to have taken Dr. Klemma’s advice, and I’m excited to have my brother along for the journey.”

Dustin Wylde, DMD,
practicing dentist at Dental Care of Huntley in Huntley, Illinois

“Things are going great so far!” said Tyler. “Having Dustin here to answer any questions I have on dentistry or how the office runs has really helped me transition from dental school into the real world. We work great together, and the brotherly competition between us helps motivate us to be the best clinicians we can be.”

 “We’re very competitive, so as much as I want to help him grow, I think he’s going to help me grow and push me to me better. We’re always talking about dentistry when we get together. This will be an opportunity for us to grow not only as brothers, but as dental partners too,” said Dustin.

When looking how Dr. Klemma has helped him grow, Dustin wants to do the same for his brother. He also hopes to follow in Dr. Klemma’s footsteps again and become a lead mentor doctor. As someone who was lucky to have such a great teacher and mentor, he wants to help other new graduates and future Heartland Dental supported doctors be the best dentists they can be as quickly as possible.

“The opportunities I’ve had since joining Heartland Dental are honestly still hard to wrap my head around. I want to help people achieve success as quickly as I have, said Dustin. "With Heartland Dental’s support, I feel like I’m reaching my maximum potential every day, which is fulfilling personally and professionally. There is so much opportunity with the company if you’re willing to go get it. I’m forever grateful to have taken Dr. Klemma’s advice, and I’m excited to have my brother along for the journey.” 

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