A Doctor Mastery Program Success Story

Since its inception in early 2016, the Doctor Mastery Program (DMP) has been helping hundreds of dentists become definitive leaders in their communities.

“I wanted to add extended hours, specialty services an additional dentist, and grow my office overall. That fit right in with the vision of the DMP. Since joining the program, it’s helped me start accomplishing all of these goals.”

Dr. James Fetsch

James Fetsch, DMD, practicing dentist at Deer Creek Dental in O’Fallon, Missouri

The five-year program is open to all Heartland Dental supported dentists and consists of clinical training conducted by leading clinicians, beginning with foundational skills and advancing toward mastery of complex dental care. Over the five-year timeframe, the program will help participating dentists achieve the requirements for a Fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry, increase access to care, mentor other clinicians and grow their offices by the end of the program. In addition, participants who complete all program requirements will receive a “mastery bonus” up to $250,000.

The DMP is a living embodiment of Heartland Dental’s vision and mission. The company’s mission has always been to help supported dentists be the best they can be – the best doctors, the best leaders, the best people. Using a transformative approach, participants advance their knowledge, making them more effective and proficient. As a result, their offices experience the benefits. The program is a testament to Heartland Dental’s focus of helping supported dentists grow personally and professionally. Although still early in the program, participants are already experiencing the benefits and will continue to grow through the next few years. One Heartland Dental supported doctor who has been a part of the DMP from the start is Dr. James Fetsch of Deer Creek Dental in O’Fallon, Missouri.

“When I started the program, it was perfect timing. I was already seeking to expand my office and advance our level of services,” explained Dr. Fetsch. “I wanted to add extended hours, specialty services an additional dentist, and grow my office overall. That fit right in with the vision of the DMP. Since joining the program, it’s helped me start accomplishing all of these goals. I’m keeping referrals in-house and creating a ‘one-stop shop’ for dental needs, and as a result, increasing our number of patients. Along the way, I’m learning new procedures and doing things we’ve never done before.”

When first deciding to join the DMP, Dr. Fetsch wasn’t only thinking of office growth. His initial reasons were more aligned with the positive impact the program could have outside his office, specifically with his family.

“In addition to achieving my FAGD, I was also attracted to the bonus that would pay my children's college,” said Dr. Fetsch. “I’ve been wanting to work towards an FAGD for a while, but with running a practice and other life responsibilities, I haven’t been able to commit the time to doing so. Now, the DMP is helping me follow through on completing the requirements.”

Now a little over a year into the program, Dr. Fetsch has made great strides in office growth and personal development. Participating has also helped him improve his overall alignment with Heartland Dental and the company’s culture.

“In addition to the growth I’ve been able to achieve with my office, the DMP has helped me re-engage with the culture and vision of Heartland Dental. It’s given me a reason to get more involved with the company and other supported dentists,” added Dr. Fetsch. “Now I can see how I’m directly impacting Heartland Dental and how my office growth is making an impact. A big reason of that growth has been my ability to be competitive. As technology and patient requirements continually change, I have to change as well. I have to be more competitive and stand out in my market. This program is helping me accomplish this.”

“I’m looking forward to what I can accomplish with the program in the coming years – completing my FAGD requirements and continuing to move my office forward,” said Dr. Fetsch. “The DMP is important for dentists, the DSO industry and the dental industry as a whole. For participating dentists, it offers an excellent opportunity to further your education and increase patient care/satisfaction along the way. For both the DSO and dental industries, this program addresses a critical need – continuing education.”

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