The Team-First Mentality with Dr. William Bloink

William Bloink, DMD

William Bloink, DMD
Dental Group of Springfield
Springfield, Illinois

Since 1988, Dr. Bill Bloink has partnered with Dr. Rick Workman even before Heartland Dental was officially established. Throughout the years and through the formation of Heartland Dental, he has enjoyed great success as a supported dentist by committing to the company’s systems. Mastering these systems has provided an ideal foundation of growth for himself and his team, and helped them thrive from the start. But in 2011, something else happened that has propelled their success even further – a simple change in mindset. We caught up with Dr. Bloink to share more about this mindset change, to benefit other Heartland Dental supported dentists, participants in the Doctor Mastery Program or any other dentist out there.

Q:  What was this change in mindset and what led to it?

A:  In 1991, I began practicing at White Oaks Dental Care in Springfield, Illinois – one of the original expanded offices from Dr. Workman’s first group practice. Even with a small team, we advanced access to care for patients tremendously within the first 11 months. Our team’s success carried on there for years, with patient satisfaction being our top priority. The needs of the patients always came first.

Then in 2011, I began practicing at my current dental office, Dental Group of Springfield, also in Springfield, Illinois. It was around this time when my shift in mindset occurred. I asked myself, “What would happen if I focused on developing my team both personally and professionally instead of focusing solely on patients?” Optimal patient care is the ultimate goal of every dentist. But how can a dentist reach that level if their team isn’t functioning at the highest capacity possible? From this revelation, I decided to give this different approach a shot. I began investing effort into building the skills, communication and leadership of my team.

Q:  What has resulted from this team-first mindset?

A:  This simple shift in thinking has changed everything for the better. By taking the time to develop my team, my office success has exploded (in a good way). Since 2011, we have significantly advanced access to care each year and increased our number of team members and practicing dentists. Currently, our office has four full-time practicing dentists.

My team members are not only flourishing in the office, but using the skills they have learned to enjoy increased success personally. Most importantly, our patients have benefited. Clinically, they are receiving more timely and effective care. But that’s not all. My team is changing the overall experience for patients. This culture has helped us build our community standing. Not only has this attracted more patients to our office, but the right team members as well. We’ve had around three or four mentor hygienists join our office, specifically because of this team focus. I’ve committed myself to helping them grow, and in turn, they have helped the rest of our team grow.

Q:  Why should other dentists implement this mindset?

A:  It’s my belief and philosophy that as a dentist, we have an obligation to ensure that our team members have the best lives possible. At my office, we have created a safe, trusting atmosphere that encourages growth, where people are not afraid to ask questions. This stems from sharing the “why” we do what we do. Once team members fully appreciate that, they buy in. And again, the ultimate benefactor is the patient and the advanced care they receive.

Now that we’ve established why the team-first mentality has truly revolutionized how Dr. Bloink’s office functions and impacts their patients, we look forward to furthering exploring how he has helped team members grow these past few years in upcoming installments of this interview series.  

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