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Dental Students Dental Students

As part of Heartland Dental’s commitment to continuing education, it is important that supported doctors and team members are always up-to-date on the latest techniques and technologies in the dental industry to ensure patients are receiving the best treatment and experience possible.

Recently, Heartland Dental partnered with the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry to hold a Dr. Leadership workshop on campus. This hands-on workshop helped supported dentists in the region advance their clinical knowledge, learn real-world protocols with state-of-the-art equipment and ultimately advance themselves as leaders in the dental industry. Dr. Leadership workshops are geared specifically towards newer dentists who have been practicing for less than five years. While similar events are held at a variety of locations throughout the year, this event was unique in that third and fourth year dental students from the University of Oklahoma were also invited to attend. 

“We really wanted this to be a great overall learning experience, but we also saw it as a great opportunity for current students to mingle with our supported dentists and become acquainted with Heartland Dental’s culture and support systems in an energetic environment,” said Courtney Garza, regional doctor recruiter at Heartland Dental.

The group of attendees, which included supported dentists, members from the Heartland Dental recruiting team and University of Oklahoma students and their spouses, were treated to a sit-down dinner where they were seated amongst each other, giving all parties the opportunity to ask questions and share knowledge. Presentations and speeches were given by Dr. Anna Singh, vice president of clinical affairs at Heartland Dental and practicing dentist at Cane Ridge Dentist in Antioch, Tennesse, Dr. Robert Parrish of Audubon Dental Group in Memphis and Germantown, Tennessee, and Dr. Eric Golbeck of My Dentist – Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The three speakers also participated in a panel discussion together. Additionally, students were invited to attend and observe the clinical education seminars so that they could experience how a typical Heartland Dental supported course functions. 

"Events like these are fun and exciting as you get to meet the people that are future of the dental community,” said Dr. Singh. “The dental students have a mix of emotions and its impactful when you can share your experiences and help them overcome some of the apprehension.”

These Initiatives help Heartland Dental keep education at the forefront of our mission and vision. These initiatives help us showcase what we offer as a support organization and why we are so passionate about what we do. The future of dentistry is bright and we hope to share our benefits with the next generation of dentists and the generations to come. When we partner with dental schools like the University of Oklahoma, we are able to extend our mission and vision even further.

“My team and I are so grateful that the University of Oklahoma opened their campus to us and allowed us to host this event,” said Garza. “We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with some of the most country’s talented dental students.” 

Dental Students  Dental Students

Dental Students  Dental Students

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