A Focus on Clinical Technology

With dental technology continually evolving each year, it’s important that supported dentists and their teams have access to the newest technologies available, so they can provide the best care possible to their patients. One of the newest technological advancements being widely implemented in supported dental offices this year is the intraoral scanner, a device that is designed to deliver accurate results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The intraoral scanner is one of the newest revolutions in dentistry. This modern device delivers accurate scans of a patient’s tooth or bite without the need to take traditional impressions. As many dentists and dental teams are aware, traditional impression materials can be unpredictable, inaccurate and messy. There are multiple steps involved in taking an impression, which takes up a lot of time not only from the dental team’s schedule, but from the patient’s schedule as well. Moreover, the inconsistent nature of impression materials can be easily thrown off by factors like the length of time the impression is kept in the patient’s mouth, the temperature of the office, or even how carefully the model is poured. Any slip up during this process can result in a distorted impression, which often means the patient must come back in for a new impression to be taken.

Heartland Dental is researching how to help supported dentists replace traditional impression processes with updated intraoral scanners. This will ultimately help save supported dentists on time, money, and inaccuracy caused by outdated and unpredictable impression materials. It will also eliminate the hassle and expenses associated with constantly purchasing impression materials by replacing them with one piece of equipment. Patients today are constantly looking for quick, easy and accurate results, and the intraoral scanner makes it possible for patients to receive the dental treatment they desire. Instead of using impression putty and messy plaster, the intraoral scanner takes a digital impression. This delivers a quick, accurate image of the treatment area that can be used to plan dental treatment in the same way traditional impressions are used.

“The clinical team at Heartland Dental has been researching the best intraoral scanners on the market, and providing information and education about the new technology to supported dentists and their teams,” said Samson Liu, executive vice president of clinical affairs. “Ultimately, this will help supported dentists successfully implement intraoral scanners into their practices in the future.” 

Heartland Dental is committed to continuously providing access, information and education on the most up-to-date technologies available. Through researching and implementing modern, technologically advanced dental equipment like the intraoral scanner, supported dental offices are able to completely do away with imprecise and outdated dental materials. This ultimately allows supported dentists and their teams to continue to do what they do best: provide the most optimal care possible to their patients.

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