The Scanner Revolution

All of healthcare is becoming digital – digital records, scheduling, diagnosing, and so on. One of the newest revolutions in this trend is the intraoral scanner. This modern device can bring dental offices one step further into the 21st century by delivering accurate scans a patient's bite or tooth without the need to take traditional impressions. Implementing an intraoral scanner can equate to time saved during the early stages of treatment, money saved on impression materials, and ultimately better results for patients in the long run.

Today's patients desire quick, easy, and accurate results. Traditional impressions have proven to be unpredictable in delivering precise measurements for treatment planning. The multiple steps involved in taking an impression increase the likelihood for error, such as the impression not setting up correctly. Factors that can contribute to this include the length of time the impression was kept in the patient's mouth, the temperature of the office, or the precision in which the model is poured. This inconsistency must be accounted for, so when an impression becomes distorted, patients are often asked to come back in for a second impression. This adds more time to the overall length of treatment. Moreover, it can be expensive and a hassle to continuously purchase and order the necessary materials for traditional impressions.

An intraoral scanner eliminates many of these time-consuming and often imprecise steps that are associated with traditional impressions. A digital impression taken by an intraoral scanner delivers a quick, accurate image of the treatment area. The nuisances of taking an impression with putty and filling it with messy plaster are no longer factors. What's more, there is no need to worry about the distortions that can occur due to the inconsistent nature of traditional impression materials. Also, today's dentists want access to convenient, state-of-the-art technology, especially with digital workflow becoming the norm in today's industry. The scanner process greatly advances their ability to diagnose and treat effectively.

Heartland Dental is committed to providing supported doctors and teams with updates and educational support on the latest innovations in dentistry. In line with this mission, one of our goals for 2017 was to begin implementing intraoral scanners into supported dental offices. This goal has continued in 2018. We've made it a priority to provide nearly 1,000 iTero intraoral scanners to supported dentists and teams nationwide in a 12-month span. So far, many Heartland Dental supported offices have implemented the iTero intraoral scanner for the benefit of their patients. As the year continues, more and more supported offices will continue implementing this technology. This is the perfect opportunity for Heartland Dental to be a trailblazer and a leader by investing in this technology on a wide scale.

Intraoral scanners will help Heartland Dental supported doctors to provide their patients with quick, accurate treatment, while also saving them time and money when taking impressions. This will ultimately allow for supported dentists and their teams to provide the most optimal dental care available.

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