The Ownership Mentality

At Heartland Dental, we understand how important continued growth and success are to our supported doctors and team members. That is why we created our stocking-offering program: to give our supported dentists and team members the chance to invest in the company that they grow alongside of, contribute to and succeed with each day.

By taking on the ownership mentality with Heartland Dental, supported dentists and team members will begin to see and experience a wide-range of benefits that come with the stock-offering program. The first and most obvious benefit is the monetary value of investing with Heartland Dental. Those who have participated in the stock-offering program in the past decade have shared over $215,000,000 of stock proceeds.

Another benefit of having the ownership mentality through our stock-offering program is the opportunity to thrive – both personally and professionally. Through participating in continuing education courses, attending different dental and leadership conferences and more, our supported dentists and team members have countless opportunities to advance their careers. This success, along with new ideas, increased skills and leadership abilities, help our supported dentists and team members achieve move. When they achieve and thrive, so does Heartland Dental. And the more Heartland Dental succeeds, the more success and achievement our supported dentists and team members will experience.

This symbiotic relationship is a major part of the stock-offering program. Since Heartland Dental success is dependent upon the success, achievement and innovation of all our supported dentists and team members, we want them to realize how much they can gain because of this relationship as well.

When Heartland Dental succeeds, so do our team members, which gives them the opportunity to build financial stability for themselves and their families. By taking on the ownership mentality learning about all the different things they gain from participating in the stock-offering program, our supported dentists and team members will want to help Heartland Dental succeed as much as possible. And in doing so, they will be able to further this own skills, become leaders in their teams, and help more and more patients enjoy ideal oral health.

Another great reason to take on the ownership mentality when it comes to Heartland Dental is because of all the success and growth we have had as a company in the past years. In 2018, we finalized a deal with KKR, a leading global investment firm. It is our hope that through KKR’s proven experience, expertise and resources, Heartland Dental will continue to take great strides towards our Big Honorable Achievement Goal of supporting 5,000 satisfied doctors by 2025.

Ongoing growth has always been a staple of Heartland Dental, and we look forward to amplifying that as we move on in the future. We hope that as we move forward, more and more supported dentists and team members will participate in the stock-offering program and reap the benefits. People are the heart of Heartland Dental, and we are proud to have such a program that rewards them for always choosing to do more for their company.

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