July Events Recap

July was a busy month for Heartland Dental as we hosted two major events – Dr. LEADS and Launch. Our team members worked tirelessly to ensure that both of these events went off without a hitch and offered attendees the most beneficial experience possible. While the two events are different in nature, both have similar goals: to give those who attend the tools and knowledge needed to be successful in anything they do.

Heartland Dental understands that today's dental industry is an exciting yet challenging place to be – especially for those new dentists just entering the field. Recent graduates often face difficult burdens when they first graduate, whether that be the burden of massive student loans or trying to become an effective leader - and Heartland Dental understands that. Since continuing education has always been a pillar of Heartland Dental, we are proud to introduce Launch, an all-expenses-paid leadership summit created and designed around giving soon-to-be graduates the skills and knowledge they need to propel forward in their new dentistry career.

From July 12 to 14, Heartland Dental will welcome 120 dental students graduating in 2019 and 2020 to Chicago, Illinois for Launch – an event aimed to help these new graduates develop their leadership skills, network with colleagues and creative effective flight plans for their future. Featured speakers and activities at Launch include award-winning improv group, Second City Works, Author, Lecturer & President of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., Mark Sanborn, and Founder & Executive Chairman of Heartland Dental, Dr. Rick Workman as well as the many other work sessions, panels and networking opportunities that will happen over the weekend.

During the event, Ronny Castillo, a dental student from Boston University said, "I'm having a blast here in Chicago with Heartland Dental. If you're into getting better as a leader, as a clinician, as a person and if you want to stand out in your community and drive positive change, then this is the place to be. Heartland Dental will guide you through the steps to accomplish what you want in your life. Not only professionally but as a person as well."

In addition to Launch, every summer, Heartland Dental welcomes our newly supported doctors to attend Dr. LEADS – Learning Essentials for Achieving Doctor Success. The three-day program will be held at our Home Office in Effingham, Illinois from July 25 to July 27, where we will welcome over 150 newly supported doctors. The goal of Dr. LEADS is to help our newly supported doctors be happy, prepared and successful in their supported offices through offering them a wide-range of learning opportunities – from in-depth clinical training to building leadership skills and even learning more about the history of Heartland Dental.

Heartland Dental designed the Dr. LEADS course to help our newly supported doctors jumpstart their career and feel comfortable leading their own practices. Those attending will get to meet and learn more about Heartland Dental's trusted supplies, learn Invisalign and endodontics through in class and on-hands training, as well as network with nearly 200 newly supported doctors also in attendance – not to mention Heartland Dental leadership teams. What's more, a panel of supported doctors, who previously attend Dr. LEADS, will be present to give attendees inside knowledge and share first-hand experience on what it means to be Heartland Dental supported doctor.

It has always been Heartland Dental's ongoing mission to offer dentists of all career levels the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in an ever-evolving industry, and we are excited to be hosting these two events to do just that. Check back in with Smiling with our fall edition to see a recap of the events!

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