Looking Ahead to 2017

Patrick Bauer

Patrick C. Bauer
President and Chief Executive Officer at Heartland Dental

Whether it is exercising more, eating healthier or saving more money, we all have our New Year’s resolutions and goals we want to accomplish by year’s end. Professionally, this is no different. The majority of all organizations and businesses set measurable and attainable annual goals to advance themselves past the previous year’s standing.

Heartland Dental is no different. Each year, we outline the most important resolutions for our company. In 2016 specifically, we were excited to create more and more value for supported dentists through innovation. We found many ways to help them find further success, which benefited their teams and most importantly, their patients.

As a company in 2016, we increased our supported office count to over 750 offices in 34 states, adding Maine and Colorado. In addition, 2016 saw the rollout of the Doctor Mastery Program (DMP), a revolutionary five-year, continuing education program designed to help supported dentists become definitive dental leaders in the communities they serve.

As you will read about in this issue, Heartland Dental also selected Patterson Dental as their primary product distributor, creating an even higher level of supply and technology support for dental offices and further decreasing their supply and lab costs. Supported dentists and teams completed over 255,000 hours of continuing education to further their skills and knowledge. They also provided over $3 million worth of dentistry to their communities through Free Dentistry Day events and other initiatives.

Much like the dental industry itself, Heartland Dental never stands still. As the industry evolves, we too must continually evolve the level of support our company offers. Looking to 2017, we will put our resolutions in action – advancing the Doctor Mastery Program, further developing our new relationship with Patterson Dental, continuing to give back on a mass scale, and much more.

Looking to 2017, we have to ask ourselves, “How do we take our strengths even further? What opportunities still exist to create value for dentists and teams?” Because that is, and always will be, the main objective of Heartland Dental.

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