From Student to Dentist

If you are currently a dental student, your days are likely filled with hours of studying, clinical training, treatment planning, patient care and so much more. Being in dental school, sometimes it’s hard to imagine what it will be like to eventually be on your own in a dental practice. How many patients will you see in a day? What will it be like to work with your own team? As if school isn’t already overwhelming enough, thinking about your future can be even more daunting. In addition to the expectations you have for your career, you most likely have expectations for the ideal situation you’d like to be in when practicing dentistry.

As you approach your final years in dental school, you are likely starting to weigh your options for after graduation. Perhaps you’ve considered looking into the support options available through Heartland Dental, but aren’t quite sure what to expect as a third or fourth year dental student. Tyler Wylde, a fourth year dental student who has already committed himself to a Heartland Dental supported office following graduation, shares his experience with Heartland Dental and the recruiting process.

Tyler is from Crystal Lake, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago. He attends Midwestern University in Downers Grove, Illinois, and will be graduating with his Doctorate of Dental Medicine in May 2017. As Tyler enters his fourth year in dental school, he recalls the positive experiences he has enjoyed while being a dental student at Midwestern University.

“My first two years of school were spent in the simulation clinic, so after working on countless numbers of typodont teeth models, I was so excited to make the transition to my third year and into clinic,” said Tyler. “I have enjoyed getting to know all the wonderful people I have met – from the faculty who have taught me and helped get me to where I am today, to the patients who have been so appreciative of the work I have done for them, to my classmates who have turned into lifelong friends. My experience in dental school has been nothing but positive.”

Much like many other dental students, Tyler has an idea of what it will be like when he finally starts working in a dental practice. As he moves closer to graduation, he imagines that being in a dental office will be similar to the experience he’s had in clinic, but with a greatly increased patient load.

“I look forward to the faster pace of working in a dental practice, as well as the opportunity to help more people with their dental needs,” said Tyler.

When Tyler started planning for his future, he first looked to his older brother, Dr. Dustin Wylde. Dr. Wylde is a practicing dentist at a Heartland Dental supported office in Schaumburg, Illinois. After learning about Heartland Dental’s support options from his brother, Tyler became interested in seeking the company’s support as well.

“My brother started practicing in a Heartland Dental supported office right out of dental school, and after talking with him and picking his brain on the experience, I became interested in the company,” said Tyler. “My brother expressed how lucky he was to join a supported practice in Schaumburg with Dr. Asle Klemma, who is an exceptional dentist and mentor. I look forward to having a similar situation and intend to take full advantage of the mentor program that Heartland Dental offers.”

As graduation approaches, Tyler is looking forward to all the changes that will come with practicing in a Heartland Dental supported office. Just like other dental students, he expects the change to be challenging, but also exciting and rewarding.

“I know making the transition from dental school to a practice will be challenging, so having Heartland Dental and a fellow mentor doctor available to give me advice and answer my questions will be invaluable,” said Tyler. “I was attracted to Heartland Dental because they will help me to focus more on patient care, as well as giving me the opportunity to work with my brother in the future, which has always been a dream of ours. If I were to tell another dental student anything about Heartland Dental, it would be to not get scared off by the big name. Do your research to see all the great programs and opportunities that Heartland Dental has to offer. By doing my own research, it has become clear to me that Heartland Dental is my perfect fit.”

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