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Continuing education is a key component to a successful career in the dental industry. With new developments and technologies being introduced to the field on a regular basis, it’s important that dentists remain up-to-date and knowledgeable on the latest advancements in dentistry. This way, they can be the best clinicians possible in their field, and provide the best dental services available to their patients.

Samson Liu, DDS, MAGD, MBA

Samson Liu, DDS, MAGD, MBA

By taking advantage of continuing educational opportunities, dentists are given the ability to make advancements in both the dental industry and in their personal careers. The industry as a whole benefits from the efforts made by dentists and other experts who work tirelessly to develop the dental field. By participating in continuing education courses, dentists can bring drastic improvements to their field, helping to conquer new economic and technological challenges faced each day by the dental industry. And just as continuing education helps advance the field of dentistry, it also greatly benefits dentists, who are able to take what they learn from CE courses and immediately implement their new knowledge and skills into their practices. All of this leads to an all-around better experience for the dentist, the dental team, and most importantly, the patients.

Continuing education remains at the forefront of Heartland Dental’s vision and mission. We are truly dedicated to supporting the best continuing education opportunities available to our supported doctors and their teams. As we strive to be the leaders in dentistry, we also seek to be at the leading edge of continuing education for supported dentists. For this reason, we recently implemented a new, groundbreaking program that will allow supported dentists to become definitive leaders in the dental industry.

In the winter 2016 issue of Smiling Magazine, we introduced the Doctor Mastery Program, an elite program designed to help supported dentists become leaders in the industry. The Doctor Mastery Program, or DMP, is the first of its kind, and is designed exclusively to help Heartland Dental supported dentists work their way toward all-around mastery in both their personal and professional lives. It is the true embodiment of the Heartland Dental vision and mission, and will do much to advance the continuing education opportunities available to supported dentists.

The overall goal of the DMP is to help Heartland Dental supported doctors become the definitive leaders of their respective marketplaces. For supported doctors to accomplish this through the DMP, they will complete a set number of continuing education hours, which are incorporated into various training tracks within the program. Over the course of five years, the program is designed to help participating supported doctors gain the opportunity to become Fellows of the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD). In order to achieve FAGD designation, the Academy of General Dentistry requires that dentists complete 500 hours of FAGD or MAGD-approved continuing education credits. The DMP is designed to help supported doctors achieve that requirement as efficiently as possible. 

Doctor Mastery Program Tracks

Foundational Track – 3 Years

Completion of the Foundational Track of the DMP is required by every supported doctor who participates in the program. This track is comprised of various core clinical and leadership courses, which are held in-person, with the addition of a selection of online class options. There is also a list of recommended elective courses provided to participants. The courses in the Foundational Track are designed to help participants learn and implement world-class clinical and leadership skills, which will allow them to demonstrate mastery in their profession.

Mentorship Track – 2 Years

A continuation of the Foundational Track, the Mentorship Track is recommended for those interested in becoming a mentor. This track is designed to help participants develop their own philosophy of lifetime care and embrace a servant mindset. Through the completion of various Bell Leadership courses, mentor training, and participation in a variety of mentorship opportunities, participants will become an ideal leader in the dental industry.

Advanced Tracks

After completion of the Foundational Track, participants are eligible to begin an Advanced Track in a specialty area of their choosing. These tracks are designed to help supported doctors take their training and continuing education a step further. Advanced Tracks that are available to supported doctors include:

  • Mentorship Track (see above)
  • IV Sedation Track
  • Advanced Surgery & Implant Track
  • Advanced Restorative & Occlusion Track
  • Advanced Orthopedic & Orthodontic Track

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